These are suggested ideas of our services, Each session is custom designed to your specific needs at the moment. You do not need to know or pick a specific type of massage. Prior to beginning your massage you will discuss your goals and concerns with your therapist and your therapist will use any and all techniques needed to meet your goals.

TMJ Touch Up

The perfect massage for those who clench and grind their way through the day or night! The TMJ touch up is a massage specifically for the jaw, neck, and head muscles to give your choppers a much needed break.

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Migraine Eraser

Massage focused on removing the stress and imbalances which result in headaches and migraines. Thoroughly massaging the muscles of the neck, shoulders and scalp will leave you amazed at how loose and free your head and shoulders feel.
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Carpal Tunnel

A specialized massage focusing from the elbow to the finger tips removing the tension patterns that lead to carpal tunnel. Definitely come in before any attempt at surgery as we have a nearly 100% success rate at removing the need for surgery!

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Cupping is an ancient Chinese medical technique where suction is used to gently separate the layers of tissue, draw fresh blood into the area, and help release knots in the muscle. Traditionally glass cups and fire were used to create the suction but at A New Body Massage we use a more modern system with a suction pump and plastic cups which makes it very efficient to incorporate into any other technique we may need to use. Come try the benefits of this fantastic system.

Deep Tissue Massage

Combining firm sustained pressure and precise attention to troubled spots, deep tissue massage helps your body rid itself of tight, fatigued muscles.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage targeting the areas of the body that plague a mother-to-be: shoulders, low back, hips, neck and feet all attended to, helping relieve the pressure of life for two. (Available only during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters)

Sports Massage

A custom tailored massage session built around pumping motions to move blood, and stretching to limber taut muscles. Everything your active body needs to feel and perform its best.

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Plantar Fasciitis Fix-up

If you are waking up and feeling pain near your heel or the bottom of your foot for your first few steps of the day, and perhaps the rest of the day you are likely suffering from Plantar Fascitis Massaging from the calves down to the toes we will break up the adhesions (knots) and release trigger points that are causing your pain from your first step of the day till you fall asleep dreaming of your next massage.

Core Synchronism

A combination of cranio-sacral therapy and polarity therapy the gentle pressure and complete presence of your therapist help smooth and sooth your body’s inner most rhythm, bringing deep peace and restfulness. The restorative effects of this massage style is unbelievable until you’ve tried it!!

Swedish Massage

Calling upon long fluid massage strokes, gentle kneading of your muscles, and soft rocking motions, Swedish massage gently lulls your body back to its natural state of calm.


1 hr | $200
1.5 hr | $290

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