What does TMJ Disorder feel like?

Many people living in San Diego are suffering from TMJ Disorder (TMJD) and everyone has a slightly different experience. The most common complaints are:

-Mild to moderate pain when chewing

-Popping in the jaw

-Grinding teeth at night (Bruxism)

-Decreased ability to fully open jaw

Less common symptoms are:

-Extreme jaw pain

-Locking of the Jaw

Some people will experience several TMJ symptoms at once and some people will only be aware of a single symptom of their TMJ Disorder.  Once TMJ has started it rarely goes away on its own, so best to seek help at the earliest signs to prevent it from getting worse.

Is it really TMJ Disorder?

In over 14 years of practicing structural massage, 10 years in San Diego,  most people who are suffering from symptoms TMJ Disorder do have some form of TMJD.  However, occasionally a client comes in for a TMJ massage treatment and what they are actually suffering from is a severe misalignment of the neck or shoulders.  Regardless of the source, once the jaw becomes locked into a tension pattern structural massage, stretches and exercises are needed to restore the normal pattern.  At our office in Pacific Beach we are always happy to help clients live free of the pain of TMJ and get back to enjoying the sunny San Diego days!

Why do we get TMJ Disorder?

-Side sleeping – putting constant compression on one side of the jaw while leaving the other side being stretched and strained throughout the night.

-Misaligned shoulders or hips – leaving the body twisted left or right forces the head to compensate by slightly twisting the opposite direction.  The Jaw muscles connection to upper spine means that the jaw now has constant pressure causing it to twist slightly. If you work in one of San Diegos’ computer intensive industries and your computer screen is slightly off center of your body this can create slight a but problematic twist.

-Jarring injuries – where the body is forcefully struck can cause muscles to lock in a shortened position.  If this happens and isn’t fixed it becomes a long term pattern. In San Diego this is often from surfing, volleyball, or any other outdoor sport.

How does structural massage help recover from TMJ Disorder?

If TMJ Disorder is preventing you from living the amazing life San Diego has to offer, then structural massage can help.  By assessing the muscular imbalances in the jaw, neck, shoulders and hips we at A New Body Massage can determine what is out of alignment in your body and help restore balance allowing your jaw to sit and move in its natural pattern.

How to prevent / recover from TMJ Disorder?

Proper stretching, exercising and daily habits will help you avoid imbalanced muscles which are often the cause of TMJD. If you’re feeling regular jaw, neck or shoulder tightness feel free to call for a massage session and well get you back in balance! 858-224-2392

Stretches for TMJ Disorder?

Stretching the neck muscles helps the align the head and lets the jaw hang in its proper position.
Proper sleep position helps keep the jaw properly aligned, preventing and helping to rever

Client TMJ Reviews

K.L. 2017 Yelp Review

First of all, Neille is a TMJ Specialist and Expert. I would highly recommend his skills for any area of your body, but I have never been able to find anyone after searching high and low, who has such a knack and breadth of expertise for addressing TMJ issues, headaches, or general pain in the jaw, neck, and shoulders

Nora V. 2016 Yelp Review

Neille did an amazing job with my TMJ syndrome. After months of jaw pain, and barely being able to open my mouth, I had tried everything from seeing an ENT, TMJspecialist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor. I was wearing a TMJ splint and nothing seemed to help until I got a one hour TMJ massage by Neille – not only did my range of motion improve significantly but I haven’t had any jaw pain since.  There are very few people who truly understand anatomy the way he does. I highly highly recommend him

Mim M. 2015 Yelp Review

My daughter was having severe TMJ pain.  She was willing to do surgery if necessary.  I found a link to A New Boday Massage and read here on Yelp how good Neille is.  NO KIDDING.  He gave her a 90 minute focused massage.  Can’t say that she is 100% but nearly so.  I keep hoping she will go again to get totally “fixed” but right now her pain level is so low that it isn’t a priority.  Such a relief!!  Thanks Neille!!!