Nora V. 3/08/2015, San Diego, CA

Neille did an amazing job with my TMJ syndrome. After months of jaw pain, and barely being able to open my mouth, I had tried everything from seeing an ENT, TMJ specialist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor. I was wearing a TMJ splint and nothing seemed to help until I got a one hour TMJ massage by Neille – not only did my range of motion improve significantly but I haven’t had any jaw pain since. There are very few people who truly understand anatomy the way he does. I highly highly recommend him!

Simone R. 12/02/2014, San Diego, CA

Being a massage practitioner and an acupuncturist, I am extremely picky about who I turn to for healing work. Neill is not only extremely knowledgeable about his craft but shows his passion in the work and cares deeply about his clients’ progress. My body has so many different things going on and it was as if Neill had a map to my body’s inner workings and within a session, I feel ten times more integrated and relaxed at a deep level. I highly recommend Neill’s healing touch!

Toni H. 8/31/2014, University City, CA

Neill did an amazing job on my shoulder, which I tweaked while working out. I was having a hard time with it because of all my muscles tightening around the injury. It feels a million times better today after he worked on it yesterday. Definitely will be using him again in the future.

Nicole C. 8/20/2014, Reno, NV

One more reason I wish I lived in San Diego! While visiting San Diego recently I tweaked my back carry my giant suitcase up stairs and was in dire need of a massage, so after reading reviews I settled on Neille. I was in a car accident about 5 years ago that messed my back up. After 5 years of primary care physicians, neurologists, DOs, physical therapists, masseuses and chiropractors I’ve never really had great success. People have always focused on one small area/muscle that is their specialty that they are convinced is causing my problem. Neille was the first person I’ve been to who’s focused on several areas and was also able to explain to me (something I’ve discovered is very rare) how all these different areas work together to cause my back issues. I get massages probably twice a month and have never felt better after one than I did after this one. He also gave me a bunch of good stretches to try to help keep me feeling great. I highly recommend Neille!!

Alex C. 3/10/2015, Chula Vista, CA

Neille gives wonderful massage, perfect for athletes ( I’ve been training gymnastics for 22 years) as well as anyone seeking some stress relief. He knows exactly what muscles to focus on to restore the balance in your body. I highly recommend him!

BJ C. 3/03/2015, San Diego, CA

Neille was able to pinpoint a flexor tendon pull in my left arm that my own doctor couldn’t find. I was able to keep rock climbing and ease back into harder climbs over a few months. With his advice I incorporated some massage and stretching into my routine that I didn’t have before. I would recommend him to any athletes looking for better methods of healing injuries without the need to just stop.

Will S. 7/08/2013, San Diego, CA

I was suffering from serious back (sciatic) pain for about 6 months. I had been through physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractics, and other massage therapists with no relief. On a particularly painful day, I was searching for sciatic pain relief and needed something fast. Neille made time for me that day, and through a careful assessment, was able to identify the root cause of my pain and provide lasting relief through various massage techniques.

Neille really knows his stuff. And although he can provide your typically swedish, relaxing massage, I believe his true talent is in his exceptional understanding of the body and relieving pain to chronic issues. Since visiting A New Body Massage, I have been able to return to combat sports, demanding exercise, and able to carry on with my life, pain free. Thank you for your great work

Ari S. 3/10/2015, La Jolla, CA

I have been going to Neille for a couple years now and he is the best at what he does. His ability to relax your muscles and separate the connective tissue makes me feel so much better than when I first came in. Often he shows me in the mirror how I am slouching or my feet are angled out and by the end of the session I can see a massive improvement.

Mary M. 3/17/2015, San Diego, CA

I’ve suffered from tension headaches and neck pain due to my sleeping positions and stress, so I knew I needed major help! Neille quickly pinpointed that my left hip was sitting slightly forward than my right, and explained how it was contributing to my pain. He worked on my hip, neck, and shoulders while explaining ways to relieve my every day stress. After the massage, he showed me different ways to stretch my hip, the proper way to sleep, and sit at my desk. He also gave me a new night routine to help me get deeper, quality sleep. I was so impressed and am excited for my next massage!

Lisa D. 10/15/2014, San Diego, CA

Neille is a genius at what he does. I describe him as a “structural body worker” rather than a massage therapist because he literally looks at the body and can tell what’s off and how to bring all the parts back together into balance. He uses some of the most unusual techniques I’ve experienced, and I’ve been to MANY therapists (and was trained as a bodyworker myself.)

He literally helped put me back together again last year at a point when I was in so much pain I thought I might have to stop working.

GO SEE HIM if you are frustrated/at an impasse with your current physical therapy/massage therapy/chronic pain or injury recovery. I am confident he can help! 🙂

Olga G. 7/30/2013, San Diego, CA

Neill is very knowledgeable in his craft and great at deep structural work! I had a session with him today and it really released many long-enduring knots in my back from my repetitive stress injury. He was able to relieve a lot of the pain and chronic tension in my neck and shoulder, which many therapists have glossed over in the past. Highly effective style/ awareness/ overall amazing! I definitely recommend him and will be back!

Hiep C. 7/18/12 Emeryville, Ca

Neille and Dru are awesome massage therapists! Both can really give u a new body from their massages! I am a deep tissue massage therapist myself and I highly recommend the both of them. I go to them when I’ve worked too much and need deep therapeutic work.

Charlotte L., 5/11/11 Poway Ca

I have know Neille as a friend for about a year and have been meaning to get a massage. Well I figured my birthday was the perfect time to finally go. It was the hands down best massage I have ever had! I will be going back and am excited to book my husband an appointment! He is an awesome person and incredible at what he does! He is worth every penny you spend to walk out of your appointment feeling great!

Dianne 11/23/10 Mission Bay Area

This was my first visit to Neille, and he gave me the most therapeutic massage I’ve ever had.

My body was pretty out of whack from hobbling around for two weeks after minor foot surgery. Because I had been favoring my foot, all my muscles and joints had been trying to compensate, bless their little souls. I didn’t even know where to begin to describe what I needed.

Enter Neille. He sleuthed out every trouble spot and massaged away every ache.

He is the complete package: not only technically competent, but intuitive, intelligent, caring. . . and fun.

He even gave me tips on how to deal with my body’s various foibles. He listens, assesses and fixes! And all in a serene, healing atmosphere.

Neille is simply the best!!

Ted F. 12/3/2010

It’s tough to know where to begin when writing a review of Neille. In short, I 100% recommend Neille’s services, especially if you experience problems from physical trauma or some sort of chronic pain.

I’ll keep my review as short as possible. I was in a traumatic car accident in November 2007. After working my hardest for a year, the doctors and physical therapists had nothing left to offer me. I was told the pain and limp that I had would be a part of my life forever. As a 24 year old man at the time, I wasn’t satisfied. I did a little research and made some phone calls to see what else was out there. Somehow I was led to Neille. This was the best thing that could have happened.

Neille’s characteristics and personality make him the perfect therapists for someone suffering from chronic pain and physical problems. From my experience, I know that Neille takes each client’s ailments extremely seriously. Before and after each appointment, Neille did a valuation of my problems and progress. He would identify problem areas and come up with a plan to fix them.

I worked with Neille twice a week for about a year before he moved to San Diego. The improvements in my life made possible through Neille can’t be valued. My pain (hamstring, calf, knee, lower back, shoulder, etc.) is no longer chronic and is very manageable. I can walk smoothly, without a limp and for long distances, which was not possible prior to meeting Neille.

As a young therapist, Neille may not have known what he was getting himself into when I asked for his help on my extensive injuries. However, Neille’s intelligence, work ethic and understanding of the body led to almost immediate results and an even better long term outcome. Neille’s “sixth sense” to know what is wrong, coupled with his curious nature, which leads him to study up on how to treat your problem, makes him a top physical therapist. Neille makes your long term health, comfort and well being a topic that he takes personally. When Neille moved to San Diego, I was a little upset, but he used his network to find the right therapists to work with me in his absence. I have continued to improve exponentially. I owe that all to Neille. He is an immensely skilled therapist and an even better person.


Tara M. 11/21/2010

After a long day of skiing, exhausted and with my back full of knots and 40+ year old aches and pains, I had a massage at the Snake River Lodge, in WY. I was assigned to a man named Neille. Face down in the ring, about 10 minutes in, I was “sold” on Neille. He got right to the source and by the end of my time, I was feeling muscle relief that I didn’t think that I would feel for weeks post-trip. Could I pack him in my suitcase and bring him back to Chicago. He would have my jaw-clenching, 4-young-kids-stress, knot tied back, neck and jaw all released and happy in no-time. What? He’s moving to Chicago? Score! I couldn’t have been happier. Neille became essential to maintaining a pain-free back and neck. He was able to pin-point the source of the issues and provide relief when no one else had been able to. It didn’t tickle, there may have been tears, but I wouldn’t trade the ensuing relief for anything. He showed me how to stretch out properly, even how I should be walking in order to improve my muscle strength to off-set some imbalances. Then one day, after 2+ years, it was my turn to be on the back end of a move. Neille announced that he was moving West. Sadly, my loss was someone else’s gain. You’d be smart to make that someone you.

J L. 11/14/2010

I almost NEVER give a 5-star rating, because I believe it should MEAN something when I do. Neille deserves every star; his services are truly the best I have ever had. This has been confirmed by others who I have referred to him.

He has a deep understanding of kineseology and an (in my experience, anyway) unparalleled interest in his work that enables him to identify problems and solve them on the table. Just as importantly, he took a genuine interest in my health and provided suggestions for stretches and exercises particular to my activities (cycling) to help me maintain my body after he helped put it back together.

If you are looking for a massage from someone with exceptionally broad knowledge of massage and diet, varied techniques for any ailment, and massage that will set a new standard for what you consider excellence, setup an appointment immediately. Not only will you never have to think about who to call again. Not only have you solved that problem, you’ll be a hero to friends and family you refer to Neille — what are you waiting for?

Chuck P. 11/5/2010

One of the best masseurs you’ll find!

Neille is a real find. I have been to him for both therapeutic massage when I had muscle and joint pain, and to help manage stress. He makes an excellent first impression, but the results will keep you coming back. With Neille, you always know the massage is tailored specifically to your needs. He listens to what you have to say, and also adjust the session as needed as he discovers areas that need attention. One thing I loved about working with him is he shared additional information to help between massages. He suggested stretches and exercises to address my problems, and even suggested other resources for stress management.

Linsey K. 11/3/2010

I found Neille about a year ago via my fiance! (that’s still exciting to type!) who has serious chronic back pain. Neille made my man pain-free for days at time, which was huge deal, so I went to see him myself.

Neille listens, observes and treats with keen awareness of the body and its systems. He’s got the strongest hands I know, and he will work out every kink you never knew you had. It will–I promise, and I’m sure he will too–be discomforting; however, your body will later relax and be free from pain you walked in with.

Throughout my fiance’s and my visits, Neille sent us home with trinkets: a blue rock with specific energy (which I adore), a mixture of bath salts and essential oils, a compress. Neille is personal and thoughtful, the kind of guy you’d have as a friend and not just because he can un-kink your neck.

STEVE C. 11/9/2010

I discovered Neille about a year and a half ago, and came to him initially for strains and pains from heavy workouts. I had one or two prior issues; one of which was a dull, ongoing pain just under my shoulderblade that I attribute to an overhead press gone wrong. He actually found it in our first session without me even mentioning it.

What I ended up taking from Neille was a lot more than just relief from tight muscles, pains and injuries. I think when I first laid back on the table I probably just walked in from an amped up, hour and a half chest and back workout and was probably going 90 miles an hour. About 15 min into this first massage with Neille, time stopped.

I’ve never really been into meditating, but the way I calmed down then, and continued to, session after session, I realized that it doesn’t have to be a legs-crossed-on-my-way-to-nirvana-incense kind of thing. And to be able to slow my body, mind, breath, heart rate and thoughts down to a very calm, relaxed state is essential. Neille slowly gave me bits and pieces more (without shoving meditation down my throat) and told me how to get into that space in a very easy way. He even had great music that was a perfect compliment to his therapy.

He’s incredibly strong, his movements are fluid and extend for what seem like forever- then they coast to a gentle pause and you exhale and it’s like you’re floating until he comes back in with the next movement. Hes that kind of therapist where each motion flows into the next. And some of them get intense, but then you come back down to a very soothing, still massage.

Also, he’s really big on understanding the exact reason you’re there to see him. He really is capable of customizing the therapy to the problem area; but, I must say even though I thought I knew what the big problem was, the way he scanned the muscles and joints and healed my body overall, he really knows what he’s doing.

Other words to describe Neille: genuine, sensitive, remembers everything, even keeled, solid as a rock, insightful, always smiling, super friendly, wise and selfless. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Get your quality of life back to awesome. Call and book your massage now: 858-224-2392

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