Meet Bella:

Sabella Lichtman

Blending sacred bodywork techniques I specialize in firmer-pressured Swedish massage to improve mobility in your joints and increase circulation.  Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi for bliss and relaxation, and energy work to facilitate a transcendent experience. Using forearms and elbows to soften and lengthen connective tissue, I target your specific tension spots with strong fingertip tools.  Merging Reiki and Western style energy healing techniques, I tailor sessions uniquely to your needs for emotional support and releasing energy blockages.





Lomi Lomi:

Lomi Lomi is the traditional style of Hawaiian massage…”lomi” meaning to knead, rub, or soothe. The technique is practiced using forearms and elbows; slightly more oil is applied to the body when using long, deep strokes to elongate the muscle tissue. The lineage in this sacred bodywork is an open channel for ancestral healing through prayer and breath.


Deep Swedish: